How to Sell Your Home With Less Hassle

How to Sell Your Home With Less Hassle

Rely on our pre-listing inspections in Prescott, Verde Valley, Sedona and surrounding areas

It's devastating when the sale of your home falls through at the last minute due to unseen problems with your home. It creates chaos in your life and forces you to start the process all over again. Mile High Property Inspections offers pre-listing home inspections in Prescott and the surrounding areas to help you get ahead of potential issues.

Control the sale of your home from day one. Understand the true value of your home and eliminate costly surprises. Sell your home with less frustration by having a pre-listing inspection done by Mile High Property Inspections.

3 reasons to get a pre-listing inspection for your home

Are you wondering if you need a pre-listing inspection for your existing home? Mile High Property Inspections recommends you schedule a pre-listing inspection because it helps you:

1. Validate your asking price
2. Reduce negotiating time
3. Proactively identify areas in your home that need attention

Make your selling process as trouble-free as possible. Call us today to discuss all the benefits of our pre-listing inspection services.